LAGOM Living is a modern brand holding company.

LAGOM, pronounced as ‘laa-gohm’ is a Swedish word that describes the art of balanced living. It is a concept that shapes our company’s culture and core values. At LAGOM Living, we make thoughtful design and a balanced approach to life.


Amazon FBA


Our products have been launched on the Amazon marketplace since 2019. We have seen our annual sales increased by over 600% due to our approaches and strategies.

Strong Connections


We build partnerships with different manufacturers and logistic companies. This has provided open opportunities and help us to expand our business.



Based on our deep understanding of customers, we make things unique. We always create new products with user-friendly designs that make people satisfied.

Data Analytics


With the help of data analytics, we are able to gain advanced business insights, including trend prediction, inventory forecast, and marketing performance.



Wes Kim

Founder & CEO


Tiffany Wa

Co-founder & COO


Jeremy Chan

Creative Director

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